Days in Paradise – Produced and Directed by Tess Hall

Australia is the home of some incredible independent musicians at the moment and Melbourne is undoubtedly the perfect place to witness the revival of vinyl and the heart of the live scene reignite. Days in Paradise is a documentary about a live music community both praised and envied the world over.

The story begins at a small record store in Brunswick expands to tell the tale of two bands that appear as guest musicians on Record Store Day. Courtney Barnett and Money for Rope are both much loved Melbourne artists that move on to follow very different paths and eventually find themselves on a European tour together two years later.

The film follows these artists as they travel the world riding the wave of a music industry renaissance driven by the unlikely rise of vinyl records from the decimation of the digital age. In a world of endless piracy the film considers how modern musicians can make a career from their craft.

Shot over 3 years the film provides an intimate and personal perspective on the modern music business against the backdrop of some of the world’s great music cities cut to a killer soundtrack.